From Dirt to Dirt

Born in Gelting, Germany, Annegret Asmussen Massey came to the US in the sixties. She lived in Miami, Florida most of her life, before moving to Richmond, Virginia in the nineties. Annegret has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and lived with Kuna Indians in the Sand Blast islands off of the coast of Panama.

Annegret began her journey into ceramics after participating in a ceramics workshop in South of France in 2006. Nicknamed “Earth Mother Annie,” Annegret is an avid gardener and feels a deep connection to the animal world. Annegret likes to say that she went from dirt to dirt, that her movement from the garden to ceramics has been a natural part of her personal evolution.

Annegret currently works out of her home studio and the Visual Arts Center in Richmond, VA. She has shown her work in numerous juried shows throughout Virginia and is in many private collections in the United States and Japan.